The Ranchers Club of New Mexico, conceived in 1985, was inspired by the rustic elegance of ranch house comfort. Native New Mexican ranchers donated the saddles, artifacts, and artwork in the lounge and restaurant. The photos in our lounge were taken by renowned photographer Harvey Caplin. These photos are depicting life at the Bell Ranch, a 470,000 acre spread in northeastern New Mexico.

The unique flavor imparted to our meats and seafood come from the exclusive wood fired French ovens still in our kitchen. These ovens are fired daily by using only natural woods, and the “gridiron” grills. This style of grilling is very reminiscent of the open range feasts of days past.

The Ranchers Club has consistently provided award winning services and food for years. Among our awards are the DiRoNA Award since 1994 and the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence since 2001.

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